HR Change!

I have spend my working live in HR and business transformation and I believe that we are currently entering one of the most exciting periods ever, because everything is changing and we don’t have a clue where it is going. There is an interesting role for HR to play.

Things will be turned upside down, technology and people will become the critical success factors, technology being the enabler, people being the drivers. Yes, robots and intelligent software will take over, but I think human beings will continue to excel in combining intuition, emotion and creativity. Finally! Acknowledgement that people are really key to success. Hurray for HR, opportunities are coming.

Unfortunately, HR doesn’t have a track record for leading change. I am sorry, don’t want to be offensive, but we, HR, are not the leaders of change. But we should! We understand the critical success factor ‘Human Beings’, we know what is necessary to unleash their potential. What we very often do not understand is how this is connected to the business potential, resulting in an inability to convince the business. So, wake up HR! Our era is coming, take the lead.

And just to be sure, what I call HR, is the art to find the relationship between what drives people and the success of a company, so both can flourish and aim for the stars.

To conclude, let’s do this and make sure we help each other. Let’s innovate HR. It is my intention to share knowledge, to inspire you and to help you realize change. You will hear from me!

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